Make lithium batteries safe to ship!

The complex business of flying dangerous goods around the world involves a multitude of stakeholders, all of which must perform in a consistent and predictable manner to ensure risks are minimized and this special cargo reaches its destination.

Lithium batteries are the most common dangerous goods item, found in a wide range of consumer goods, including laptops. But they can often be incorrectly packaged or labeled, leading to fines and loss of business. In a worst-cast scenario, mishandling can even cause an inflight fire.

Our latest white paper “Make Lithium Batteries Safe to Ship” tells you all of what you need to know about this critical area, from the different chemistries involved to the many solutions on offer across the value chain.

Download it now to ensure your lithium battery shipment is safe and in full compliance with the regulations.

  • Get a comprehensive overview of this critical area of operations.

  • Understand why lithium batteries are dangerous and how you can mitigate the risk.

  • Obtain insight into the latest developments, forthcoming standards, and emerging trends.